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Game Project Manager



TapNation is a tech startup specialized in mobile Hyper Casual Games in close relationship with more than 100 studios around the world!

We provide them with high potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish their games on the market.


TapNation released many HIT games and generated more than 800 Millions downloads! Our ambition is to become a key player in a high-growth market.




Job description


You will be part of the web 3.0 department and will assist the Head of Web 3.0 in the management of all ongoing projects. You will contribute to the development of innovative mobile games and the Metaverse in the Web 3.0 environment.
To succeed in this role, you will need a perfect knowledge of the mobile games universe
(hyper-casual and hybrid), a good knowledge of MMORPG, and a good knowledge of web 3.0 products on the market (Blockchain, NFT collections, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse etc).
You will be part of a small, experienced team and have the opportunity to develop your skills while delivering quality mobile games, metaverse and web 3.0 solutions.


Under the responsibility of the Head of Web 3.0, you will be in charge of the management of the different web 3.0 productions in progress :

  • You will be in charge of organizing the teams’ schedules
  • Follow the projects on a daily basis and keep track of the progression and make sure ETA are met.
  • Optimize and implement processes using various tracking tools (ex: Jira)
  • Create documents to follow up on the different projects
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the Web 3.0 division by proposing an analysis of the different web 3.0 projects
  • You are able to assess the potential and quality of a feature and its relevancy on the overall project. You are the keeper of the coherence and vision of the project.
  • Monitor and report on new developments in the Web 3.0 market




Candidate profile


  • You have at least 3 proven professional experiences as a Project Manager in the gaming industry. .
  • You are organized and know how to manage projects according to their deadline.
  • You are passionate about hyper casual games, casual games, MMORPG.
  • You have a strong knowledge of game mechanics and game design
  • You have strong communication skills and know how to convey your ideas using the adequate tools (such as Powerpoint or other tools).
  • You have a good knowledge of Excel in order to create documents for monitoring costs, time spent etc.
  • You follow the market and the trends, and you are able to benchmark the competition to improve our own product.
  • You have knowledge about the different Blockchain, NFT collections, cryptocurrencies and Metaverse on the market.
  • Being fluent in English, both written and orally, is a must have.
  • You have good knowledge of the different software used to create a game (Unity Engine, 3D software etc)
  • You are able to work quickly and efficiently and you are a reliable teammate.
  • You are passionate about finding trends, gameplay and game mechanics.




More information


Sector: Gaming, Web 3.0

Start: As soon as possible

Contract type: Full Time

Localization: Paris / Remote

Payment: Based on your profile and experience, composed of a fixed part and a variable




Please send your CV and Cover Letter to the following e-mail address: