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Monetization Assistant



TapNation is a tech startup specialized in mobile Hyper Casual Games in close relationship with more than 100 studios around the world!

We provide them with high potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish their games on the market.


TapNation released many HIT games and generated more than 400 Million downloads! Our ambition is to become a key player in a high-growth market.





Job description


Under the management of our VP of Monetization, you will learn to manage and optimize the Ad monetization of a portfolio of 10 to 15 games. You will work in collaboration with a monetization manager on Ad revenue optimization to increase our games ARPDAU & LTV.


Your role will be to understand, learn, master, and scale the following missions:


  • Deeply analyze our waterfall and bidding ad monetization stack for every ad format (banner, rewarded video, interstitial) and provide recommendations for optimizations.
  • Find improvement levers to increase our Average Revenue Per Daily Active users and Lifetime Value of the games.
  • This will consist in reviewing and changing the price floor strategy of our traditional ad networks, as well as reviewing the country targeting and pricing strategy at a granular geo level. You will also test the latency and number of ad impression per user by adding/removing calls in the waterfalls.
  • Constantly test your optimizations via A/B tests on the mediation platform in order to measure the exact ARPDAU impact and the results at the country level of the changes. You will keep track of those results via a shared tracker document.
  • Scale your successful optimizations across our whole portfolio of games.
  • Create and implement from scratch the complete waterfall and the bidding setup of our new games launches. Make sure with the game studios that all networks’ SDKs are correctly integrated and serving impressions.
  • Work in close collaborations with the +20 network partners on the monetization side: challenge them to provide new recommendations, test seasonal pricing, do bi-weekly meetings to review actual performances etc. (IronSource, Applovin, Admob, Unity, etc.)
  • Integrate and A/B test new monetization partners: classic ad networks, as well as innovative ad formats networks (in-game ads, audio ads etc.).
  • Work in close collaboration with the User Acquisition, Motion Design, Creative and Publishing teams on new and existing games in order provide monetization recommendations: A/B test ad impressions frequencies, rewarded videos placements and incentives, In-App purchases placements and pricing etc.
  • Maintain a relentless focus on all-things results, contribute to increasing – or even better – to smashing the global growth targets.
  • Present your Monetization actions, work and performances on a weekly team meeting, and monthly report.





Candidate profile :


  • You have a passion for games, particularly mobile games.
  • Result-driven and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Have a clear data-driven mindset
  • Excellent analytical skills and full proficiency of Excel/PowerPoint
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Economics, Business or Engineering.
  • Complete fluency in English, both written and orally




Start date: ASAP
Contract: Internship (6 months)
Localization: Paris based, or fully remote if you are in another country
Salary: According to the profile
Benefits: Monthly restaurants vouchers, 50% of transport cost covered, medical insurance. Team activities: sports events, holidays.



Thank you for sending your CV and motivation letter to: