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SDK Engineer



TapNation is a Tech company that creates and publishes hyper-casual and casual mobile games worlwide. It is a fast growing french mobile gaming company making creative content combining data and new technologies.

The company was created in Jan 2019 and just have increased its turnover by +1,500% during the last year.

Within top #6 of french companies in both Google Play and App Store rankings, our games already reached +120 million active users worldwide since our creation. TapNation is a good example of the most impressive hypergrowth in the ecosystem.

We would love you to apply to join an ambitious, innovative, gaming-addict and international company!


What is TapNation’s Culture all about?

We hire passionate and creative members, combining data and new technologies to disrupt the mobile market. Driven by a test-and-learn culture, we welcome wonderfully talented people wishing to undertake and manage unique, ambitious and challenging projects. Our goal is to foster excellence, both individual and communal, which to us means solving problems by breaking established rules, learning fast and autonomously and delivering with the best execution.


Before applying, you need to know that the company’s Culture is very important to us. Our employees evolve within an environment designed to be a centre for fulfillment. Daily life at TapNation is characterised by numerous events throughout the year that allow you to feel fully integrated into the team and get involved in creative and innovative projects. Among them: onboarding programs, company-wide events, hackathons, game jams, wellness events and more.



Job description


We are looking for a talented Mobile SDK developer who will take ownership of our in-house Mobile SDK.  It is used across all of our mobile game apps, played on hundreds of millions of iOS and Android devices. You will equally take ownership of a broad range of cutting edge software projects and actively contribute new ideas that could impact millions.


– You’ll be in charge of developing new versions of TapNation’s Mobile SDK.

– Your goal will be to collaborate with other teams to deliver new and innovative features that improve hundreds of games.

– One of your challenges will be to improve CI/CD processes, automatic tests and monitoring of the SDK to reach the excellence!


You’ll work closely with game developers all around the world, to make sure the Mobile SDK is reliable and bug-free across multiple OS versions and devices. TapNation’s FunGames SDK is a unity package that we created internally and is now used by hundreds of developers that include it in games making millions of daily active users.  It allows them to launch games as quickly as possible and permits the game to reach its maximum potential.


What is your team about?

This year, TapNation is focusing on tech recruitment. When it comes to growth, several bottlenecks we’ve previously experienced involve the projects that our tech teams are working on every day, such as our brand new publishing platform designed to support studios and game launches, our marketing performance and optimization systems based on machine learning, and improving the attractiveness of our games and user retention, all of which we approach using internal data collecting solutions, analysis, and A/B testing.


Based on our principles and values, you will have the opportunity to join our strong Data & Engineering department, composed of engineers totaling +20 years of mobile industry experience.


Be a part of a small, independent, helpful, international, and high-performing team. This international team will be composed of SDK developers, QA engineers, product managers, talented publishing managers all working together on the evolution of the product. Come and work with us to solve complex problems using top of the range technology.


How do you match with our Stack?

Unity ⧫ XCode ⧫ Android Studio ⧫ C# ⧫ Circle CI ⧫ Jira ⧫ Google Cloud Platform


How do you match with our values?

Equity ⧫ Engagement ⧫ Creativity ⧫ Team Spirit ⧫ Piracy!



Candidate profile


• Passionate about writing clean, well organized, and production-ready code

• Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle and release processes on Unity, XCode and Android Studio

• Experience with managing third-party dependencies in Gradle / CocoaPods

• Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies

• Enthusiastic about gaming culture

• Experience with native Android (Kotlin / Java) or iOS (Objective-C/Swift) development

• Side project or experience with Unity C#, motivation to develop your skills on it!

• Experience in writing tests (Unity Test runner, e2e, …)



More information


Sector : Video game, marketing, tech

Starting : As soon as possible

Contract : Full Time

Location : Paris

Payment : According to the profile, composed of a fixed part and a variable part according to your performances

Benefits : Competitive salary (of course) ⧫ Bonus ⧫ Free shares ⧫ Remote days ⧫ 50% public transport ⧫ Hackathon ⧫ Seminars ⧫ Global Summit

Please provide : Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)

Mail :



What is our recruitment process?


Our recruitment process typically includes a call with our recruitment team, as well as interviews with your future manager and team members focusing on job fit. We will focus on your soft skills through values fit interview that will determine if your values are compatible with ours. Lastly, our test and case studies culture is an integral part of the recruitment process and will feature at some point in your process.


Does this sound like it was written with you in mind? Excellent! Put in your application and let’s discuss the possibilities!