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Company’s culture is very important to TapNation. Our employees evolve within an environment designed to be a center for fulfillment. Daily life at TapNation is characterized by numerous events throughout the year that allow you to feel fully integrated into the team and get involved in creative and innovative projects. Among them: company trips, afterworks, onboarding programs, hackathons, game jams, wellness events and more.

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Our history


TapNation was born in 2019, founded by Hervé Montoute and Igor Zabukovec. With Bubble Sort released in November and Ice Cream Inc. in December, we quickly became a force to reckon with. Our games generated 2,5M downloads and 2,3M monthly active users this year, all with just a team of five. And this was only the beginning of a remarkable journey.


In 2020, TapNation experienced significant growth. We developed our studio platform, hosted an international game jam with 600+ participants from 40+ countries, and reached 100 million downloads. With 18 employees, we maintained a community of 16 million monthly active users, solidifying our position as a leading player in mobile gaming.


In 2021, TapNation reached new heights of success and expansion. We kicked off the year with the release of Giant Rush!, which swiftly became one of our most popular games. In September, we hosted our first TripNation event in Cassis, France, fostering camaraderie and creativity among our talented employees. With a growing team of 44 employees, we soared to 400 million downloads through our 13 hit games and established a vibrant community of 35 million monthly active users.


In 2022, TapNation accomplished remarkable achievements: launching our first Web3 projects, reaching 750M downloads, and hosting our second TripNation in Tenerife. We were recognized as a Great Place to Work, awarded for outstanding expansion by Google, and added up 22 hit games to our portfolio. With 70 employees, TapNation continued to captivate over 45M monthly active users worldwide.


In 2023, TapNation soared to new heights: raising 15M€, acquiring AI-powered subsidary UAhero, forging a partnership with The Sandbox, earning French Tech 120/40 certification, and making waves as a finalist for Best Developer at the 2023 PGC Awards. With a team of 80, TapNation celebrated a remarkable 1B downloads milestone at Times Square while still captivating more than 60M monthly active users.

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