5 Reasons You Should Work with a Publisher

Florian Jauffrineau – Oct 26, 2020

“Making games” is more than writing a bunch of code and waiting for the next Angry Birds or Fortnite to pop out. There is a whole group of people working behind the scenes on these releases, handling everything from the engine software to physics, marketing, advertising, monetization and beyond.

The different expertise needed for each and every one of them requires specific experience, knowledge, and skill sets. With so many specialized fields needing competent professionals, it can be hard for a small studio to pull off everything by themselves.

Publishers like TapNation are here to help.

Smaller studios can be more focused on coding, writing, and designing as the publisher ensures the business and marketing side is taken care of, while also providing advice to keep improving the game.

To make the argument all the sweeter, here are 5 reasons you should work with TapNation to publish your next game.

1. Investment



While it’s sometimes hard to admit, even the best games need to make sure they can keep the lights on. Publishers are there to let you dream into another night or at least code into one without needing to worry about your next meal.

The added boost of a significant investment makes an immeasurable impact.

The peace of mind that comes with monetary independence really raises spirits and allows you to focus on what you really want to do: make games.

2. Marketing & Communication

Marketing a game is a separate beast from creating one. The long hours spent finding ways to help people simply see that your game exists can be exhausting. After weeks, if not months, on a project, it can be demotivating to see no one playing or even finding your game. Anyone who has tried to have their voice heard in the vast sea of the internet knows how small the echoes of your project can feel against the loud roar of constant competition.

Publishers are there to provide guidance through the process with a proven plan and reliable data.

The end result is no more fear of people missing out on your game and, maybe more importantly, no more headaches trying to figure out how to get people to play your game. With experts behind the marketing wheel, a new game will know how to find its way to the top of the charts and the front page of the app stores quicker than ever before.

3. Ideation & Creation

With new games popping up more and more often, the pressure to be creative can sometimes hinder your own creativity. Even if the actual process of making a game would be relatively easy, getting over the initial writer’s block is sometimes the hardest step.

The worst part is that hours and hours of back and forth to find the next big idea can be wasted when it turns out no one even wants to play the new game you just spent months creating.

Publishers are also there to offer help at this beginning stage. With fresh outside ideas that have proven to be initially successful, all that’s left is to flesh them out and let your game dev skills and creativity shine.

4. Feedback

Similar to providing new ideas and having an understanding of what the overall market expects, publishers can also provide feedback on the game itself. After bringing many titles to market and seeing how they perform, a publisher has the unique viewpoint of knowing what players are really looking for without the personal bias that often comes when you’re too close to a project.

An outside perspective provides insight into aspects of the game internal teams have become blind to.

A new way of seeing how your game feels to play means working together to build the best possible game. Digging into these details can make the difference between a flop and your greatest hit.

5. QA support

The eternal struggle of quality assurance and fixing bugs is a quick way to stir up more headaches for anyone who has worked on a game. When resources are limited and time is scarce, making sure every pixel is perfect is simply impossible. Time spent scanning every screen is better used making sure the overall vision of the game is intact and properly represented in the final product.

Publishers like TapNation are there to back you up and provide QA support.

With a large number of additional testers and other QA support resources, a publisher can focus on the small details of every tree while you let your imagination run wild with the forest you’re trying to plant. When testing, TapNation can even gauge the interest of players in the game by analyzing and improving its KPIs.

Game Publisher QA support team

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