Hero Making Tycoon: A Hybrid Casual Idle Mobile Game Case Study

Laetitia Belkhamsa– Jun 17, 2024


Hero Making Tycoon has rapidly become a standout in the mobile gaming market, blending idle gameplay with dynamic hero creation and management elements. The game is developed by Hello Games and published by TapNation, a leading mobile game publisher. It has garnered significant success since its launch, reflecting the studio’s commitment to innovation and quality in the idle subgenre.

Game Overview

Have you ever seen a hybrid casual game such as Hero Making Tycoon ? This idle game immerses players in the whimsical world of… potato heroes. Imagine cultivating potato warriors, equipping them with weapons, and sending them into battle against monsterous foes. What also makes this idle game special is its vibrant art style and playful design elements; it is visually engaging and easy to pick up.

Gameplay Mechanics: an “outstanding, time-consuming game” 

  • Build Heroes
  • Craft Weapons
  • Research Technology
  • Train Pets
  • Defeat Enemies
  • Advance to Defeat a Dragon

Hero Making Tycoon Mobile Game

You literally “farm” heroes, and that’s the hook!

Art Style and Design: One of the factors why you’ll get hooked!

This idle potato game features a vibrant, comic-book-inspired art style. Characters are designed with distinct and colorful aesthetics. The user interface is intuitive, making navigation and gameplay seamless for players of all ages.

Performance Metrics & In-App Purchases (IAP)

Hero Making Tycoon, as with most idle games in the market, benefits from hybrid monetization, relying mostly on IAPs. 

Downloads and Revenue: Over 7 million downloads and $5 million in revenue.

Revenue Breakdown by Country: A significant portion of revenue comes from the United States, Japan, and South Korea, reflecting its global appeal.

Hero Making Tycoon Performance Matrix

In-Game Shop: Offers a variety of packs and items, including Resource Bundles, Loot Boxes to unlock heroes/weapons/skills, Battle Passes to help progress through the game faster, piles of diamonds, scrolls, batteries, managers, hero enhancement packs, value and life packs, along with many many more!

IAP offer

  • Basic diamonds : Related to the economy of the game 
  • Managers, classic in tycoon idle games, to optimize the productivity of your soldier fields
  • Interesting, affordable trial pack: To hook the player with various gameplay boosters for less than $1.

    Successful IAP offers include limited-time deals and gameplay boosters such as “managers” to make you feel like you’re cheating your way through victory. 

Popular Purchases: High engagement with equipment and pet packs, which boost player progress and enhance the gaming experience.

Core Loop Description

The core loop of Hero Making Tycoon involves:

  • Growing Potatoes: Players cultivate potato heroes in their village.
  • Equipping Heroes: Potatoes are armed with weapons from various factories.
  • Fighting Monsters: Armed heroes fight monsters, earning gold and resources.
  • Upgrading Facilities: Players use resources to upgrade their village and weapon factories, improving efficiency and hero strength.

Hero Making Tycoon Core Loop Description

Key Features

  • Hybrid Casual Gameplay: A unique blend of RPG and tycoon elements.
  • Extensive Customization: Players can personalize their heroes with various abilities and cosmetics.
  • Strategic Depth: Resource management and hero training offer complex gameplay for dedicated players.
  • Idle Mechanics: Continuous progress ensures players stay engaged even when offline.

Hero Making Tycoon Game Key Feature


With a robust revenue model and a growing player base, the horizon is set to shine bright for the hybrid casual games genre. Amidst this growing trend, Hero Making Tycoon is one such hybrid game that showcases a unique blend of idle mechanics, strategic depth, and a humorous theme. With ongoing updates and strong community engagement, the game is poised for continued success in the mobile gaming market.

In addition, the game also highlights the promising future of the hybrid casual market. Combining creativity and quality, it paves the way for a mobile gaming publisher like TapNation to launch more hit hybrid casual games that aim to keep players engaged and entertained. 

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