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Unity Developer



TapNation is a tech startup specialized in mobile Hyper Casual Games in close relationship with more than 100 studios around the world!

We provide them with high potential game concepts and high-tech data tools to test and publish their games on the market.


TapNation released many HIT games and generated more than 350 Millions downloads! Our ambition is to become a key player in a high-growth market.



Job description


We are looking for a talented Unity Developer who will take ownership of multiple of our hit games. You will equally take ownership of a broad range of cutting-edge software projects and actively contribute to new ideas that could impact millions.


  • You’ll be in charge of developing and maintaining our current or new tools to
  • Your goal will be to collaborate with other teams to deliver new and innovative in-game experience to improve both gameplay and profitability of the company
  • One of your challenges will be keeping existing games lifetime the



Candidate profile


  • Passionate about writing clean, well-organized, and production-ready code
  • Unity is not a secret anymore
  • Experience with third-party tracking services (GameAnalytics, MMPs, Firebase, …)
  • Enthusiastic about gaming culture
  • Side project or experience within hyper-casual games industry
  • Experience releasing games in production on both Android and iOS stores
  • C# ⧫ Unity ⧫ GameAnalytics



More information


Sector : Video game, game design

Starting : As soon as possible

Contract : Internship

Location : Paris

Payment : According to the profile, composed of a fixed part and a variable part according to your performances

Benefits : Competitive salary (of course) ⧫ Bonus ⧫ Free shares ⧫ Remote days ⧫ 50% public transport

Please provide : Resume, cover letter, references, web site (if relevant)

Mail :



What is our recruitment process?


Our recruitment process typically includes a call with our recruitment team, as well as interviews with your future manager and team members focusing on job fit. We will focus on your soft skills through values fit interview that will determine if your values are compatible with ours. Lastly, our test and case studies culture is an integral part of the recruitment process and will feature at some point in your process.


Does this sound like it was written with you in mind? Excellent! Put in your application and let’s discuss the possibilities!